Organic Carrots

Carrots are our flagship product, we have a reputation throughout Australia as growing the sweetest, tastiest carrots on the market and we work very hard on the farm to ensure that our customers love the next Arahura carrot more than the last!

All of our farms are 100% certified organic and strategically located in northern Victoria, where the soils and weather allow us to produce great carrots all year round. All of our carrots are grown by us, on our family run farms. We grow them, wash them, hydrocool them, package them and transport them ourselves so that we can deliver you, our customers the freshest produce on time and at temperature. We do not contract out the growing of our carrots. What does this mean? Many farms these days have shifted towards a more marketing and packing business model which means that while they do grow some of the product themselves, a large proportion can be grown by other farmers in different areas of Australia using different methods,shipped to them and packed under their own brand.

What does this mean for you? What it means is that when you buy Arahura Farms carrots, you can rest assured that you are buying carrots grown, loved, cared for and packed for you, by us, the Croft family.

Organic Onions

As with our other lines, we love growing great produce and our onions are no exception. Our superb climate allows us to grow for a little longer than most other regions, allowing us to supply domestically and export internationally from November right through to April. We grow brown onions, great for bbqs and and a necessity in any kitchen, and red or Spanish onions which are great in salads, for cooking and garnishing, and a fantastic addition to a healthy sandwich. We're sure you'll love them any which way!

Organic Beetroots

As with our carrots, we pride ourselves on growing the sweetest, most delicious beetroots we can. With our beautiful soils and great climate we are able to produce the iconic Australian beetroot all year round. We also grow the niche "candy striped beet" an heirloom variety from Italy also known as "chioggia" its an attractive beetroot with alternating deep maroon and white rings within the flesh.

Also like our carrots, we only grow our own beetroots, no contract growing.

We wash them, pack them, and ship them ourselves. so whether it's your favourite hamburger or our famously delicious Baby Beets in a family roast, we know you'll love our beets!