Arahura Farms History

The ARAHURA FARM story started on Tony’s parent’s (Morris and Diane Croft) sheep property in Pine Valley at the foot of Mt Fishtail, Marlborough, New Zealand. In the early 70’s the Croft’s moved to a Horticultural property in Tresco near Swan Hill were Arahura Farm switched from being a sheep property in New Zealand to Horticulture in Australia. The property in Tresco remained in the Croft name until the early 90’s.

In 1990, Tony, using his tertiary education (C.O.T Civil Engineering), together with his wife Jennie established an Irrigation Design Company, it was in this period the seed was sown for a return to the land and to produce nutritious naturally sweet chemical free food.

After 10 years in suburbia, and with the surname “CROFT” that means “FARM” returning to the land was inevitable, in early 2000 the seed finally germinated, Tony and Jennie purchased a 60 acre vineyard in Nyah West, and using the Croft family farm name handed down from his parents, “ARAHURA FARMS” was reborn.

Because of the time spent off the land Tony and Jennie realised the need to produce nutritious food. From which the philosophy ‘FOOD FOR LIVING, NUTRITION FOR LIFE’ became the cornerstone of ARAHURA FARMS attitude and thinking. The decision to produce Organic food was easy.

Arahura Farms initially started to supply top quality organic dried sultanas, but in 2003 were asked to grow organic carrots. The Vines were progressively removed over the years as we established a reputation for growing great tasting carrots.

In 2007 Russell Jones joined Arahura Farms and with the help of such people as Dr Arden Andersen and Dr Elaine Ingam (Soil Food Web) now manages the Produce Production.

In 2009 Sean, Tony and Jennie’s oldest son, sold his diesel mechanic business in Geelong, to join Arahura Farms and now manages the marketing, the on-Farm Packhouse, and the distribution throughout Australia, using our own Refrigerated Transport.

Arahura Farms has now grown to be one of Australia’s largest Organic Producers, supplying all major markets with all year round supply of both Organic Carrots and Beetroots, with Onions, Cos Lettuce and Cabbages grown seasonally.

Currently Arahura Farms, now farms 220 acres of arable land in Nyah West Victoria and from a humble beginning, now employs upwards of 65 permanent and casual staff.

Arahura Farms is committed to “BRINGING FLAVOUR TO THE TABLE” through 100% Certified Organic Produce using 100% sustainable, world’s best farming practices.